Thursday, January 12, 2012

And we're live...

The Cincinatheist is a blog that will document the thoughts, opinions, outlook, and experience of one father living non-theistically in the conservative city of Cincinnati, OH. I will also gather and share thoughts, current events, news stories, and other items of interest that I come across on the topics of religion, politics, philosophy, and whatever else wanders through my brain.

I decided to start this blog not to try to compete with the other great atheist/freethinking blogs that are already out there (whose links can be found  in the right column under the "Sites I Love" section), but to complement them.  And to give myself an outlet (other than Facebook, which just brings too much drama sometimes) to vent and possibly save an aneurysm. The greater Cincinnati area (southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky) is particularly conservative--especially having a traditionally Catholic heritage. Just south of Cincinnati in Petersburg, Kentucky, we even have the Creation Museum, a "museum" built and operated by the group Answers In Genesis, which attempts to educate the public on the "fact" that the bible creation story should be interpreted literally. Living as a non-believer in this city can be challenging at times, and I'd like to share those thoughts, stories and experiences here with others. That is, if in fact, assuming anyone ever reads this thing.

So welcome. Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment on any of the entries, submit relevant articles that you think would be of interest, or even submit personal stories to me via email that you would like to share to cincinatheist -at- gmail (dot) com.

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