Thursday, February 23, 2012

Streisand Effect anyone?

Krystal Myers is a student at Lenoir City high school in Tennessee. She is editor of the school paper, captain of the swim team, and an honors student. Someone any school would be proud to have,right? Apparently not. You see,she is also an atheist and wrote an editorial for the school paper about a lot of potential illegal things going on around her school as far as SOCAS goes. The school's response? To prevent her story from being printed and to suppress it. The school has obviously never heard of the Streisand Effect. Thanks to the internet, Krystal's article can be read by anyone. So here it is. Read it. Spread it around. Send your thoughts to the Lenoir City schools if you want.

People in the atheist movement (and outside of it) are always asking where are all the women in the movement? Apparently they are all in high school (see Jessica Ahlquist as well) and they rock.

Here is Krystal's editorial. Share as you see fit:

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